Monthly Archives: October 2014

CS:GO: Some luck and a little bit of skill :)

CS:GO noob got luck and a little bit of skill 😀 I was playing with Lockl34r and other friends and guess what happen…

29.0: a Battlefield 3 gameplay footage

Snipers duet with StarFail-fr. Playing conquest on Metro. Seems we enjoyed the game 😀 Music: Twin Scoring Studio – Man Or Machine

PAYBACK: a Battlefield 4 shortage

Siege of Shangay – Was on my way to C and… this montage is about what happened… Music: Lethal Outbreak – Daniel Law Heath and Tony Fiala

BEAST: a Battlefield 3 montage

Here is the new montage. As usual, this is not made to make you think i’m the best or anything like this. This is just a “best of”. Of course i miss a lot of rpg shots, but sometimes, when